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Transport Management System
Manage your transport related operations through the all in one single application.

Below are the functionalities for the Transport Management:

Location details
Routes details
Product details
Service details
Stock details
Purchase and vendor bill
Employee details
Fleet details
Leads and Opportunities generated.
Request on website.
Booking order details.
Booking request from the Transportation Website.

  • Location:

- Here a location can be created by selecting a checkbox “Is Routes”.

  • Routes:

- Here Routes can be created by entering the information of Source location, Destination location, and Vehicle details.

  • Types of Goods.

Form to fill the goods details.

  • Types of Service:

  • Stock

  • Purchase:

Form to fill in the purchase details.

  • Leads:

Form to fill in the leads details.

- When clicking the ‘Convert to Opportunity’ button. Create an opportunity and also display the record of the opportunity.

When clicking the ‘New Booking’ button. Create a booking order and also display the record of the booking.

  • Fleet:

Form to fill the fleet details.

  • Booking:

  • Employee:

- Form to fill in the employee details.

  • Invoice:

The website interface of a Transportation Management application.

- Website booking request form for the transport related operations.

  • Portal Document: User can see their Booking Request and Booking Orders.

Demonstration of the Transport Management System in Odoo:


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