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Management consultancy (HR Solution)

How we have helped the client to improve productivity using Odoo for Management consultancy?

Our client has been in the business of management consultancy for the last 12 years. They are managing their employee details, salary information, expanse data, attendance, and managing leaves using google sheets. Also, they use google docs for preparing the salary slips, expenses vouchers manually.

They have 47% growth on average and have the desire to invest and use a next-generation Human Resource Management tool.

Client's Challenges

Managing, updating, and maintain consistency with no human mistake for the information of more than 100 employees is something in the top priority for them.
The client is expecting a modern, simple, and ready to use the system to help them manage their human resource data in the proper manager.
They have concerned about the time punctuality and would like to have more insight for better resource utilization.

Our Solution

ASCETIC has studied the payslip structure that the client is using. Our consultant has analyzed and configured those in Odoo to meet the automation expectation in order to dispatch payslips to all employees on time with no mistakes.
We have analyzed how our client manages employee’s contracts and configured Odoo along with customization to meet their need.
We have advised and configured the document management system for them to make sure all of their employee’s salary slips expense vouchers, and contracts present in one place and easily accessible by the authorized users. 


Saved 25% of the administrative time for Human Resource Director so they focus on what he is good at and what matters for the organization.
Increased employee satisfaction rate as they get salary on the last day of the month consistently.
The employee work data reports are being sent to key stakeholders to plan and execute, current, and future opportunities accordingly.
The Co-founder has all data in front of his Dashboard for analyzing compliance cost, employee contract visibility, and productivity.

I have been using ASCETIC's Odoo services for about 3 years now, They have always done great for my business. very compliant and efficient. Highly recommend

Mr. Omid Taghavi•MD

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