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Odoo - SAP Collaboration

How Indo-Philippi collaboration benefits the Odoo implementation capability of ASCETIC?

ASCETIC is one of the most trusted Odoo implementations company, the company from the Philippines has good experience in SAP implementation. Combining both together will help both the companies to grow the knowledge base for better implementation of Odoo and SAP.

Collaborating together, keeping in touch consistently the management has decided to share technical knowledge and implementation methodologies and agreed to take each other's services which could be eventually better benefited to the customer's success.


The company from the Philippines has contacted ASCETIC to get services regarding the Odoo implementations.
We have a great beginning and eventually, it converts as a great collaboration partnership to provide the service which can be benefited to their Odoo customer and ASCETIC acquires knowledge of SAP which results in better quality for large industrial Odoo clients. 


The constant discussion, close relationship, and top managements’ commitment to continue this collaboration helps ASCETIC to reach to the next level of being a highly trusted technology implementation partner.
We are very excited about further collaboration where both teams will execution of SAP and very large Odoo implementations. 

Next Step

ASCETIC is expanding vertically and horizontally in order to scale up with new verticals and will increase the capabilities to offer the best suitable solution (Odoo / SAP) for their customer depending on the size, volume, and the kind of industry-specific demands they have.

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