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Manufacturing Industry

How ACETIC has contributed to the client’s success to manage their manufacturing industry?

The client has used the legacy system to manage their manufacturing operation, inventory records, and sales process.

One of our clients has referred them and ASCETIC has started working with them in order to implement Odoo to make sure the overall effectiveness of all operations should be increased.

Client's Challenges

The client is dealing in many Units of measure, buying in one unit of measure, storing in another unit of measure, and selling in different units of measure. Considering all this, they were facing challenges to maintain the accurate stock value.
There are more than six thousand products were there with different kinds of variants.
They were expecting the real-time year-to-sale report, cost accounting, manage deprecated products. Increasing the performance of the manufacturing operation was key objective to achieve.

Our Solution

The client has discussed their need and business process with ASCETIC's consultant and we have set up the test environment in order to provide them the flexibility to review the exiting processes of Odoo and mature that further to meet their need.
We have improved the data models of variant objects to import more than 6000 existing products.
ASCETIC's solution with specialist customization on the product allows the client to manage multiple units of measures throughout their sales, purchase, and inventory operations. 


Overall productivity increased by 45% within the three months of time.
Centralized data, customized inventory reports gave keen insight into the decision-makers.
Buying decisions of the raw material is now 98% accurate for managing consistent operations.

Ascetic Business Solution was recommended to us by a friend. Riken and his team have proven themselves to be very helpful in implementing Odoo for our business. Riken is very knowledgeable in the software, and for any question we ask him about any configuration or customization we need, he always is quick to find a solution for us. If you are looking for an Odoo partner to work with you in your company, I would recommend Riken and Ascetic.

Mr. Todd Weaver • Co-founder

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