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 Odoo Version Upgrade

Upgrade Your Odoo Implementation to use the latest features


"No, we don't want to upgrade our Odoo."
"We don't see any issues; why should we upgrade?"
"Our last Odoo upgrade was a horrific experience; we don't want to do it now."
"Odoo upgrade takes lots of time, and we have worries about downtime."

Is there any one or more of the above thoughts going on in your mind?

These are some everyday worries we heard while we spoke regarding the Odoo upgrade with the people using Odoo.

Purpose of the Odoo Version Upgrade:

Odoo releases new versions annually, featuring numerous enhancements and additions. To leverage these improvements, you may require the Odoo Version Upgrade service. Upgrading to the latest Odoo version can significantly boost the productivity and efficiency of your business processes.

The Odoo Migration service is dedicated to assisting in upgrading their existing Odoo installations from the current versions to the latest available version. This service ensures seamless access to your existing Odoo instance and a smooth code migration process. 


What are the benefits while we upgrade your Odoo version?

👉 The direct benefit of the experience of handling 150+ Odoo upgrades
👉 Does Don't's - before and after version upgrade
👉 Close hand-holding during the upgrade process
👉 Supportive training while using the latest version
👉 Cleaning up the customized codebase to reduce 40% cost in the next upgrade

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Why do our clients have a stress-free Odoo version upgrade experience while working with us?

💫 Comprehensive Upgrade Service: We provide a one-stop solution for complete Odoo upgrade services, including custom code and database upgrades. 
💫 Proven Track Record: Our team has successfully upgraded 150k+ lines of code for our clients. 
💫 Module Upgrade Expertise: We have proficiently upgraded over 3k+ Odoo modules to newer versions. 
💫 Database Upgrade Skill:  Our team has experience in writing database upgrade skills.
💫 Effective Usage Tips: We share guidance on utilizing the new Odoo version to its fullest potential based on your current business processes. 
💫 Integrated Solutions: Trust us to address all your concerns, delivering high-quality, affordable, and comprehensive version upgrade services and solutions. 
💫 Smooth Adoption: We ensure a seamless experience with the new version while guiding adopting the latest standards. 
💫 Comprehensive Module Upgrade: Our services include custom module upgrades, community module upgrades, OCA module upgrades, and third-party module upgrades. 
💫 Exceptional Collaboration: Our coordination with Odoo SA and Odoo Inc. enables us to deliver an outstanding experience when upgrading your current Odoo version. 
💫 Skilled In-House Team: Our experienced Odoo upgrade team handles Odoo.sh, private cloud, and public cloud upgrades, accommodating the high demand for Odoo customization upgrades. 
💫 Unmatched Client Care: We stand out due to our quick response, personalized attention, and genuine commitment to our client's success. 

What do our clients say about our Odoo Version Upgrade Service? 

Reliable and Result-driven


Accurate with Affordable


Smart and Seamless


Effective and Expandable


Integrated and Intelligent


Quick ROI Realisation


Continuous Expert advice


Absolute Transparency


On-time with Prime Quality


Personalized Attention


Committed to Your Success


Capable and Consistent


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Odoo Customization

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Odoo Version Upgrade

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