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B2B Cross-Border eCommerce

How B2B Cross-Border eCommerce backend solution implemented by us?

As an innovative, future-focused industry leader, our client enjoys a commanding position in the markets they serve for more than 20 years and still continues.

They are Switzerland-based leading B2B online marketplace company providing services in Iran, Turkey, Kazakhstan, and China. They have chosen ASCETIC for taking their Odoo implementation to the next level.

After more than 20 years, they continue to meet their customers’ expectations for quality, responsiveness, delivery, consistency, responsibility, and depth of inventory.

Client's Challenges

The supplier onboarding process was manual. Customers’ and suppliers’ information was not centralized.
It was hard to track sales executives’ overall performance. The subscription process of the supplier was very time-consuming.
Order processing tasks were managed through Excel. They were expecting Multilingual information to display on the same page at the same time.

Our Solution

ASCETIC has designed the consulting document to advise about the process improvement in order to aline with Odoo’s standard process
We have implemented API to connect and established synchronization of Odoo with the back office.
ASCETIC has advised and prepared KPIs for sales executives to see their real-time performance. Also, sales managers can access KPIs to track the progress of the team.
Task automation based on the sales order is developed. Developed the automated assignment of tasks created from the sales order. 

The Impact

Errors tend to zero for invoice preparation. Customer and suppliers’ data are 100% in sync with the back office.
Sales executive performance boosted and more transparent, intuitive for the organization.
30% increase the renewal order which increases the sale eventually.
The supplier onboarding process is quicker which increases the vendor satisfaction ratio.
ASCETIC becomes the long term service partner for this Client.

Bhaumin is extremely knowledgeable in Odoo system and technology. He has helped TuningBill build a tailormade solution for its unique business requirement. He also helped TuningBill staff learn the Odoo codebase and architecture so that TuningBill can slowly become self-reliant. I believe this shows Bhaumin's honesty and transparency in dealing with customers. We continue to engage with Ascetic as we write this feedback.

Mr. Asit Beesen • CEO

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