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Healthcare eCommerce

How we have transformed healthcare eCommerce to make COVID-ready products available faster than ever?

The client is one of the reputed players of Healthcare eCommerce in the United States having more than $30M yearly revenue.

They have bought accessories and healthcare products from the vendor, making them personalized for their customers based on their needs.

ASCETIC has previous promotional product industry experience with eCommerce solution design. The client feels the combined experience will be a great value for being their Odoo Implimentioant partner.

Client's Challenges

No accurate inventory to make decisions above delivery to follow commitment. The huge number of orders received in COVID.
The huge number of vendor registration requests needs to track, manage, and include in the process in order to make them ready for selling. B2B selling is one of their core business.
Odoo eCommerce UI needs to be modified to meet the aim of the process the client is following.

Our Solution

ASCETIC believes Odoo has all the potentials to transforms the client healthcare eCommerce business to achieve a new level of benchmark in this challenging situation.
Extended Odoo implementation on the eCommerce platform along with the powerful backend to handle sales, post-sales services, and follow delivery commitment more effectively - faster than ever.
Provided API integration solution with delivery management services to get labels and real-time data exchange. A smooth vendor registration process is one of the key solutions ASCETIC has provided. 


Revenue increased 3 fold through the eCommerce solution.
The vendor satisfaction ratio increased because of automation for the vendor registration and vendor portal for better transparency.
Increased visibility in the market to attract 5 fold more end-buyers.
Accurate inventory management results in the delivery accuracy of up to 98%.

ASCETIC has been amazing! Our company moved to Odoo 2 years ago, and ASCETIC has been an essential part of all of our database customizations. Riken works with us directly to ensure all modules are fully functional. He also is very fast-acting when needed, and very communicative. If you have any issues with your database, they are the team to fix it.

Mr. Radia • Special Project Manager

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