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Odoo Mercado Libre Integration
Mercado Libre connector for Odoo

One of our Latin America clients looking for the integration of Mercado Libre with Odoo.

Client’s Challenges

They have the following requirement for different operations on that Integration:

  • Import Product Categories and Products from the Mercado Libre to Odoo.

  • Import Customers from Mercado Libre to Odoo.

  • Import Order from the Mercado Libre to Odoo.

  • Import and Export of product stock on both the side Mercado Libre and Odoo.

Our Solution

We have prepared the Odoo Application and develop the connector in Odoo for Mercado Libre.

  • Provided the configuration on the Company to add the Mercado credential over there and select and allow the operations that need to consider in the synchronisation process.

  • Users can import the product and product categories from Mercado Libre. It will be real-time sync at a regular interval.

  • Users can import the Sales Orders from the Mercado Libre at their convenience. It will be real-time sync at regular intervals. 

  • Based on the location configuration, delivery orders will be managed from the Sales Order itself as per the shipment type of the Mercado Libre Orders.

  • Buyers will be created as a customer on the Odoo according to the Mercado Orders details.

Are you looking for a Mercado Libre integration with Odoo?

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