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B2C eCommerce

How we have created a massive impact on the eCommerce giant who is known as the Amazon of the Middle East?

Our client is the Middle East’s largest online shopping platform funded with 1 Billion dollars by the EMAAR group.

In total, they offer 20 million products covering fashion, books, home & garden, electronics, sports & outdoor, health & beauty, personal care, toys, kids and baby products, and more.

ASCETIC becomes their preferred Odoo implementation partner aiming for technical scalability and growth.

Client's Challenges

The client’s current warehouse management software was no more scalable. It was very costly to add new features within the existing platform.
The inventory was not fully traceable and orders from the marketplace had to be sent manually in order to prepare for the shipments and fulfillment.
Data synchronization between the marketplace and backend was the key challenge.

Our Solution

The principal consultant being with them on-site for understanding the current process and showing the possibilities with Odoo.
ASCETIC has prepared the draft consulting report and finalize the key solutions to improve inventory operations.
Our developer team has prepared the APIs to transfer orders and inventory from the marketplace to the Odoo backend. We have also prepared the detailed API documentation to help the marketplace team to transfer data to Odoo. 

The Impact

The client has the correct real-time inventory status for better shipment commitment and fulfillment decisions.
The processing of the purchase operation is 30% faster and accurate. The warehouse person is 20% quicker to find the right product from the right location.
The data synchronization process from the marketplace to the Odoo backend is accurate, smooth, and real-time.

Team Ascetic had contributed to our progress and scal our backend operation to manager inventories in an optimum way. They have doen an fabulous job.

Mr. Farah • CIO

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