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What Our Clients Say

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Our clients have consistently praised our commitment to excellence, our attention to detail, and our ability to deliver results that exceed their expectations. They've also highlighted our exceptional communication skills, our ability to listen and respond to their needs, and our dedication to providing personalized solutions.

We're proud of the relationships we've built with our clients, and we value their feedback. It helps us to continuously improve our services and ensure that our clients are always satisfied. 


"Riken and the team ASCETIC have become an important asset to our business. We greatly appreciate the partnership that has developed. He possesses an intuitive understanding of our project scopes and timelines and is adept at assessing our needs to create viable solutions. We rely heavily on Riken's valuable, time-saving suggestions and we feel his expertise ultimately positions us to effectively and efficiently grow our company. We highly recommend them if you are looking for exemplary communication, top-notch development solutions, and leadership insight for your projects." 

- Mr. Dan Landes, CEO (United States)

"We have been working with Odoo for several years. We started with the version 6 community, then we migrated to version 8 and finally to 12 enterprise. Opertek is a company in continuous growth and Odoo has allowed us to assume it with an optimal level of resources. The key to our success has been to start working with Ascetics. They have helped us to extract the maximum potential of Odoo and we really now have achieved a very powerful implementation adapted to our business. From our partnership with ASCETIC, I would highlight their professionalism and proficiency in Odoo, excellent quality and level of service, and high flexibility."

- Mr. Valenti Castell, Director (Spain)

“Being a new partner to Odoo we understood that having a seasoned existing partner to team up with would be important to our success. That’s where the guys from ASCETIC and Bhaumin came in. From the inception, they were professional in their approach and deeply knowledgeable of Odoo and helped guide us through our implementation. There was never a time that we felt overwhelmed by the task ahead for Bhaumin and the team at ASCETIC listened and laid out the path we should follow.ASCETIC remains our go-to team and would highly recommend them to any client that is looking for skilled project leadership and solid consulting in Odoo.”

- Mr. Roger Hoyte, President (United States)

"I have been using ASCETIC's Odoo services for about 3 years now, They have always done great for my business. very compliant and efficient. Highly recommend"

- Mr. Omid Taghavi, MD (Australia)

“After testing different Odoo software integrators we’ve found on Ascetic our best partner to deploy and improve our systems. They understand perfectly our needs and give us a solution very fast. They have long experience a big knowledge on the odoo modules and also on how to implement new processes into our company.“

- Mr. Damian Benzadon, Director Comercial (Spain)

"I feel privileged to recommend the services of the Ascetic Business Solution LLP firm as an Odoo customizer. We have been working with them for the last five years, and they have always done everything with high quality and detailed, they are keen to meet all the expectations. His responsiveness to urgent matters makes them unique, always makes your requirements on time."

- Mr. Oscar Martínez, CEO & Co-founder (Honduras)

"ASCETIC has been amazing! Our company moved to Odoo 2 years ago, and ASCETIC has been an essential part of all of our database customizations. Riken works with us directly to ensure all modules are fully functional. He also is very fast-acting when needed, and very communicative. If you have any issues with your database, they are the team to fix it."

- Mr. Radia, Special Project Manager (United States)

"Ascetic Business Solution was recommended to us by a friend. Riken and his team have proven themselves to be very helpful in implementing Odoo for our business. Riken is very knowledgeable in the software, and for any question we ask him about any configuration or customization we need, he always is quick to find a solution for us. If you are looking for an Odoo partner to work with you in your company, I would recommend Riken and Ascetic."

- Mr. Todd Weaver, Co-founder (United States)

“We worked with Ascetic for the Odoo software customization and it is has been a very positive experience for me and my company. Ascetic has been a trusted partner and always willing to help resolve the most complex of issues. The quality of the coding and in general work done has been very high. I would recommend them"

- Mr. Felix Wong, Co-founder (Hong Kong)

"We would like to express our satisfaction to Ascetic Business Solution on assisting us in building our QISTAS ERP Software - Law ERP Management System.
We've had an incredible experience and we are happy with the level of professionalism and support we've gotten. Their work was high-quality, going above and beyond initial expectations. The team's driven work ethic, efficient approach, and responsive collaborative skills set the foundation for a lasting partnership. Their team of experts was kind and supportive throughout the entire duration of the project.
We would like to recommend Ascetic Business Solution LLP. We look forward to working with them on future projects." 

- Mr. Mamoon Said Tayyem, MD (Qatar)

"Soon after we started implementing Odoo, we came into contact with Bhaumin of Ascetic. Ascetic has been instrumental in customizing Odoo to our specific needs, in such a way that working with Odoo for us is far more efficient than it would have been without the software Ascetic created for us. In this process, Ascetic has proven to be both affordable and reliable. If you need help with Odoo, Ascetic is a trustworthy partner to work with and we fully recommend them."

- Mr. Steven Kroesbergen, CEO (Netherlands)

“We have been working with Ascetic for some time now, after a disappointing experience with a different Odoo service provider.
Ascetic have proven to be highly professional and competent with both a deep understanding of Odoo, a high technical level, and very transparent in the way they work. We are looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship.” 

- Mr. Hezi Stern, Head Of Product (Israel)

"Riken and his team at Ascetic Business Solution LLP have been instrumental in helping us switch to Odoo. Riken has been very helpful in implementing any changes we need, or questions we had during the setup process. If you're looking to switch to Odoo, highly recommend Ascetic Business Solution LLP."

- Mr. Josh Martin (United States)

“Hi Bhaumin, I really appreciate your expertise in Odoo, together with the splendid collaboration and your aim to help! Whilst you are a few thousand miles away, we can keep short communication lines and maintain good cooperation.
We are very happy with the partnership and will certainly continue to work with Ascetic Business Solution LLP in the future!”

- Mr. Roeland Vandecan, Director (Belgium)

"Riken and the Ascetic Business Solution team consistently go above and beyond our expectations. Their understanding of Odoo and their innate ability to easily interpret our vision allows them to create viable solutions, quickly. This translates to efficient and streamlined efforts on both sides of the project. Even with our aggressive timelines and scope deviations, they have the bandwidth to adjust and react effectively. Our company has really come to rely on them for their expert development solutions." 

- Mr. Dan Landes, CEO (United States) - Second Time

"It is a great pleasure to work with Riken, Bhaumin, and all the ASCETIC Business Solution team. They have a structured approach, it is very professional and reassuring. They are very efficient and flexible."

- Mr. Benoit BLANCHER, CDO (France)

"Bhaumin is extremely knowledgeable in Odoo system and technology. He has helped TuningBill build a tailormade solution for its unique business requirement. He also helped TuningBill staff learn the Odoo codebase and architecture so that TuningBill can slowly become self-reliant. I believe this shows Bhaumin's honesty and transparency in dealing with customers. We continue to engage with Ascetic as we write this feedback."

- Mr. Asit Beesen, CEO (United Kingdom)

"Ascetic has been a great find for us. After a terribly botched implementation from our previous Odoo developer, our accounts were an absolute mess. We were finding it impossible to rectify issues with the setup as well as the resulting inaccuracies in our accounts. When we switched to new bookkeepers who were experienced with Odoo, they introduced us to the Riken and Bhaumin from the Ascetic. Whereas our previous developer could not communicate effectively with our website developer or our accountant or bookkeeper, Bhaumin was able to do this easily. The AsceticBS was able to both fix historical issues with our accounts but also implement permanent fixes to our Odoo implementation to ensure the accuracy of any future accounts. He was able to guide our bookkeepers where manual adjustments needed to be made. I highly recommend the team at Ascetic if you want Odoo developers who both know what they are doing but can also communicate well with other teams that influence the development and use of Odoo in your business."

- Mr. Vijay Sitaram, Managing Director (Australia)

"It is a pleasure to work with you and your team. I would like to emphasize your team's professionalism in terms of work execution, the tasks was completed in time and exactly as required. I would also like to highlight the level of responsiveness you've shown, prompt and clear communication is always the key to success. We are looking forward to more common projects together."

- Miss. Jane Davies, Project Manager (USA)

"Working with Riken and Bhaumin is a real pleasure every time. The consideration of the needs and the solutions (often very subtle) brought by the Ascetic Business Solution team is always very efficient. Ascetic Business Solution is an integral part of my Odoo development. They meet all the requirements of my customers. A collaboration based on trust. Thank you, Riken."

- Mr. Noureddine TALBI, Consultant (New Caledonia)

"We have been working with Ascetic business Solution for over a year, which has been an exceptional experience. Not only have they solved our requirements, but they have made us many custom developments, especially in the eCommerce module. Since we began working with them, the relationship has been permanent, and their extensive knowledge about Odoo is impressive. We have had the opportunity to work hand in hand with Bhaumin whose professionalism, high level of responsiveness and prompt and clear communication skills have exceeded our expectations."

- Miss. Genesis Alvarez, Project Manager (Honduras)

"We want to thank the team at Ascetic Business Solution LLP, specifically Riken and Bhaumin, for their excellent service, professionalism, and most of all, their superior expertise. The team at Ascetic Business Solution LLP deployed several detailed IT enhancements to our Odoo operational platform that have greatly improved our functionality as a business. The careful planning, detailed workflow, safety, security, and protective measures they operate with, have been paramount to us. We highly recommend Ascetic Business Solution LLP and their services. We are continuing with many more projects with them and look forward to a long working relationship."

- Mr. Brian Hoynowski, CEO (USA)

"We would like to take the time to thank you and your team for the support you have given in such a short time. We have made some major breakthroughs with our setup, and we are almost at the stage of running the MRP auto replenishment in the test company. Great work!"

- Mr. Mark Bristow, National Manager (Australia)

"We have been working with AsceticBS for over a year now, I am impressed with the quality of their work, support, and commitment. Thank you, Riken, Bhaumin, and AsceticBS team for the great work. I highly recommend AsceticBS to be your companion in your Odoo journey!"

- Mr. Khalid Al-Hadi, CIO (Saudi Arabia)

“We are a startup and were searching a flexible and professional supporter and developer. The new partner should guide us in continuing the development of our web access and platform, pre-developed by another leading Odoo developer in Switzerland. Ascetic was recommended to us by a third party as a trustful and professional partner in Odoo. Within a short time, we successfully transferred the development tasks to Ascetic. With the help of Ascetic, we are now fully in control of our developments in Odoo. We gained trust in Ascetic. A reliable development partner in Odoo is crucial for the success of our pendent capital increase and beyond.”

- Mr. Ralph Rechsteiner, Founder (Switzerland)