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Upgrade Odoo to Next Version

How we have helped the client to upgrade Odoo to the next version?

The client was using Odoo v8 and they want to be benefited from the new features of v12. The Odoo implementation has a multi-company set up along with many customized code. This client has used many Odoo community modules as well.

Their business is spread in more than 10 countries and they are highly dependent on Odoo to manage their many business processes and day-to-day activities.


13,000 lines of customized code to migrate to the latest version.
Many functionalities had been implemented by the community addons.
There were API integrations that had been done with other software, the team who will lead this migration expected to have a better understanding and collaborating experience with other teams.
There were 50 users and Odoo is a key tool to manage their daily activity, so final migration is expected to be done with minimum downtime.

Our Solution

We have set up the test environment and given access to the client to execute this version migration process in a more inclusive manner.
ASCETIC is the Odoo partner and hence smoothly coordinating with Odoo SA has been done in order to get the migrated database and improve that further as per the need of the client.
We have helped to fine-tune the process, customize the codebase in order to help the client to use new features more efficiently.


The Odoo Implementiaotn has been migrated within 2 months of time.
The Production setup of the latest version has been done within 12 non-business hours.
After one and a half years, the client asked us to migrate to the next version as well, again!

I wanted to sincerely thank you for organizing and implementing the upgrade of Odoo to version 13. The process did run smoothly and the downtime was minimum I’m very glad that I can count on ASCETIC’s expertise and professionalism. They took the lead on the integration project and already performed a big preparation work. I’m sure that thanks to team Ascetic, we’ll soon be able to start the progressive implementation of our project.

Johnson Smith• CEO
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