Promotional Product Industry

How ASCETIC delivers a tremendous time-saving solution through real-time API Integration?

The client has been in the domain of selling promotional products for more than 20 years. 

Because of the continuous growth and expansion of their business, they need a solution that can be time-saving, very precis for the promotional product industry, and very much flexible to add new features.

Client’s Challenges

The client wanted to integrate Odoo with many other systems like S&S Activewear, Alpha Broder, and SanMar to bring products from there.

The pricing, inventory, and cost calculation based on the imprint method were expected to be done in a fraction of the time while preparing the orders.

The automated purchase order should be created to generate blank orders and for the decorators based on the sales order created by the user.

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Our Solution

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ASCETIC's expert team of developers has been getting into the core of APIs of all the different systems and automate the product creation, inventory value, and pricing which are needed to encode the sales order quickly.

The senior consultant would be in charge of this project to make sure all automation should be up to the mark. 

The price calculation algorithm has been developed to calculate the price of the product based on quantity. Also, setup change and run charges are calculated based on the configuration.  


The sales order creation is way faster than ever as Odoo gives all data realtime about the product, inventory, and price. 

The new rule for price calculation is configurable and expandable easily.  

The client is confident to add more integration to enhance the capability of Odoo for the more automated process. 

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"Riken and the team ASCETIC have become an important asset to our business.  We greatly appreciate the partnership that has developed.  He possesses an intuitive understanding of our project scopes and timelines and is adept at assessing our needs to create viable solutions.  We rely heavily on Riken's valuable, time-saving suggestions and we feel his expertise ultimately positions us to effectively and efficiently grow our company.  We highly recommend them if you are looking for exemplary communication, top-notch development solutions, and leadership insight for your projects." 

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