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Property Management System
Manage property through software system for sale and rent purposes.

Manage your Property Details, Buyer, and Tenant through a single application.
The application will provide the functionality to Sale/Rent the properties. Users can also prepare the contract and invoice for the rent and sale process.


- The user can manage the different properties in the system.

Sellable property

- Set the number of installments on the property price for the buyer.

Create invoices

- Invoice functionality isis available for any particular deal of rent or sale of the property.
- Create the number of invoices from the selected number of installments.

Rental property

- The user can set the property as a type of rent for giving the property to rent.

Create a contract

- There is create contract functionality available if the property is going for sale or for rent.

Contract details

- See expired or active contract by the property wise.

Create an invoice for the tenant

- When the contract is created when the Tenant's history will automatically be created. When clicked on the invoice button, it creates the invoice for the tenant.

Nearby Completion Contract Report

- Create a report in a single click for tenancy contract expiry dates.

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Demonstration of the Property Management System in Odoo:


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