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Odoo Implementation for the Freight Business Operations

One of our clients wanted to improve their Freight Business Operation by implementing the software solution. The Ascetic Business Solution team has helped them to achieve their goal.

Client’s Challenges:

They faced numerous challenges, including tracking multiple cargoes from different companies, providing and managing quotations in multiple currencies, and managing proper documentation to ship goods to different countries. Managing transportation data for different cargoes across multiple software is also challenging, making it difficult to manage and track every cargo in real-time.

Our Solutions:

At Ascetic, we understand the complexities of the freight business and the importance of managing cargo information in real-time. Our team has provided valuable insights into our clients' business operations and recommended Odoo software as a solution to streamline their operations.
It helps them track and manage cargo information, quotations, and proper documentation and streamline transportation data management.

The Impact:

With Odoo software, they can easily track the number, location, and status of each cargo in real time, reducing the workload of workers. The software provides accurate information by scanning the barcode of the cargo, making it easier to track every cargo without any problems and take timely decisions. The software also helps to provide quotations in multiple currencies to their customers and suppliers, converting the currency to make it easier to manage.

Furthermore, Odoo helps manage the documents required to ship goods to different countries. The software helps to separate information about how many days it took for the customer to send their goods to a different country, as well as delivery information. With all information about cargo availability and transportation data integrated into a single software, the risk of errors or miscommunication is eliminated.

By implementing Odoo, freight businesses can improve their efficiency and reduce costs. The Odoo helps to manage business data in one place, helps to improve efficiency, reduces the risk of errors or miscommunication, and enhances overall business operations.

If you want to enhance your freight business operations, consider implementing Odoo software today. 

Are you looking to implement the Software Solution for your Freight Business?

Implementing Odoo software can help freight businesses streamline operations, manage real-time cargo information, and improve overall efficiency. 

Contact us today at contact@asceticbs.com and enable the growth of your business by implementing the digital solution.

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