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Software Implementation for Trailer Manufacturing and Repairing Company

One of our clients, a trailer manufacturing and repairing company, faced several challenges before partnering with us.

Client’s Challenges:
The client approached us with issues related to their production process, inventory management, and financial visibility. They found it challenging to manage their production process efficiently, which resulted in longer lead times and increased costs. Additionally, they faced difficulty managing their inventory, leading to stock-outs and delays in fulfilling customer orders. The company also lacked visibility into its finances, making tracking expenses and revenue difficult. Their method of tracking repair, customer details, and vehicle details was done in an Excel sheet, making it prone to errors.

Our Solutions:
To address these challenges, the client trusted Ascetic's fully-fledged Odoo setup. Our experts implemented a robust manufacturing module, enabling the company to streamline its production process by managing work orders, tracking materials, and monitoring the progress of each job. The dynamic inventory management module helped them manage their stock levels better, set up automatic reordering, and track their inventory in real-time, reducing stock-outs and improving customer satisfaction. Our high-powered accounting module provided visibility into the company's finances, enabling them to track expenses and revenue, generate financial reports, and manage invoicing and payments more efficiently.

We also implemented a customized dashboard in which the company could track all repair operations for better accuracy rates.

The Impact:
The implementation of Odoo had a significant impact on the company's success. The company was able to streamline its production process, reduce lead times, and increase its capacity to take on more jobs. They managed their inventory better, reduced stock-outs, and gained visibility into their finances, helping them make more informed decisions and manage cash flow more effectively. They improved their ability to fulfill customer orders on time, increasing customer satisfaction.

In conclusion, partnering with Ascetic and implementing Odoo helped the trailer manufacturing and repairing company overcome its challenges, increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction and ultimately resulting in business growth.

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By implementing the software solution, businesses can optimize their production process, streamline their inventory management, and gain visibility into their finances, improving their ability to fulfill customer orders on time and increase customer satisfaction.

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