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Healthcare Management System
Manage your healthcare operation with a single application.

Main Feature of the Product is to manage the hospital and its management at one place. Below are the main features of the product:

  * Appointment
  * Patient
  * Doctor
  * Prescription
  * Patient Hospitalization
  * Evaluation
  * Laboratory
  * Lab Tests Email


This module helps to create appointments for patients.

Kanban view of appointments to easily manage with daily, weekly and monthly.


It allows you to create a patient and fill it's details.

This module helps to manage all the details of Appointments, Invoices, Prescriptions and lab Tests in patient detail.


It allows you to create a patient and fill its details like Degree, Graduation Institute, Consultancy type, and Consultancy Charge.


It allows you to create a patient's Prescription with Medicament, Indication, Dose, Frequency, Treatment duration etc.

Patient Hospitalization

It allows you to create a patient Hospitalization to manage Administrative details.

Real-time alert to the remaining payment of Patient Invoices.


It allows you to create a patient's Evaluation with Symptoms and information of Diagnosis.


It allows you to createLaboratory Tests of patients.

Lab Tests Email

This module helps to send an email to the patient and doctor with an attachment of the lab tests report.

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Demonstration of the Healthcare Management in Odoo:



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