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Courier Management System
Manage your courier business operations through the all in one single software application.

The functionalities of the courier management application: 

Courier type details
Delivery method
Warehouse details
Courier items details
Customer details
Request on website
Courier order details
Invoice details
Courier request from the Website

  • Configuration

  • Courier Type

  • Delivery Method.

  • Warehouse

  • Courier Items - Form to fill in the courier items details.

  • Customer - Form to fill in the customer details.

  • Courier

  • Website Request Courier - Form to fill the web request courier details.

  • Courier Order - Form to fill the courier order details.

  • Invoices - Form to fill the invoice details.

The website interface of a courier request functionality.

- The courier request detail form to send the request.

Demonstration of the Courier Management System in Odoo:

Transport Management System
Manage your transport related operations through the all in one single application.