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We have launched the Odoo Partner Support Service

Ascetic Business Solution has launched its Odoo Partner Support Services for several key reasons:

  • Knowledge Sharing: We aim to share their extensive Odoo knowledge with the partner community, fostering a collaborative environment.
  • Efficiency Improvement: The service is designed to make partners more efficient in executing Odoo projects, leveraging Ascetic's expertise.
  • Learning from Mistakes: We want to help new partners avoid the mistakes we encountered in their early days as an Odoo partner.
  • Resource Sharing: We offer access to our experienced resource pool, providing valuable support to partners.
  • Guidance for Newcomers: Recognizing the challenges new Odoo partners face, we provide the necessary guidance and support to navigate the ecosystem successfully.

This initiative reflects our commitment to strengthening the Odoo community by ensuring partners have the resources and knowledge to succeed.

Feel free to contact us to know more and see how you can be benefited with this.

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