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Our CEO Mr. Riken Bhorania sharing experience in interview with Odoo at Odoo India office

Odoo recently hosted a pivotal event to showcase the groundbreaking advancements in accounting automation introduced in version 17. T​he event was a significant platform for industry leaders to converge and discuss the transformative potential of these new features. Among the notable attendees was our CEO, Mr. Riken Bhorania, who took the opportunity to engage with the Odoo team and share valuable insights from his extensive experience in the field.

Mr. Bhorania's interaction with the Odoo team was not just an exchange of ideas but also an enlightening dialogue on how version 17's accounting automation can revolutionize business operations. His profound understanding and practical application of Odoo's solutions provided a real-world perspective to the discussion, highlighting the tangible benefits and efficiencies that businesses can achieve.

A segment of Mr. Bhorania's insightful interview was selected for publication on Odoo's official social media channels, offering a glimpse into the practical impacts and strategic advantages of embracing Odoo's latest offerings - https://youtube.com/shorts/obCHzjxlGoU

The Odoo event delved deep into the capabilities of version 17, focusing on the intricate aspects of accounting automation. Participants were treated to comprehensive training sessions covering a wide array of topics crucial for modernizing financial management within businesses. These sessions included:

1. Documents Management with Accounting: Streamlining the handling and integration of financial documents within the accounting framework.
2. Chart of Account, Taxes, Fiscal Position, Journal Entry: Essential elements of accounting that lay the foundation for accurate financial reporting and compliance.
3. Bank Reconciliation: Techniques and tools for ensuring that company records match bank statements, a critical process for financial integrity.
4. Multi-currency Transactions: Handling and accounting for transactions in multiple currencies, a necessity for global business operations.
5. Manage Missing Entry: Strategies to identify and rectify missing entries, ensuring completeness and accuracy in financial records.
6. Eway Bill and E-Invoicing: Understanding the digital documentation for the movement of goods and electronic invoicing, pivotal for tax compliance.
7. Multi-branch Accounting: Techniques for managing the accounts of multiple branches or divisions efficiently.
8. Asset Management: Best practices for tracking and managing company assets to maximize value and ensure accurate depreciation.
9. Multi-dimensional Analytic Accounting: Advanced methods for analyzing financial data across various dimensions to gain deeper insights.
10. Tax Invoice Barcode Automation: Leveraging technology for the automation of tax invoice processing, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.
11. Product Revaluation: Methods for adjusting the book value of inventory to reflect current market values.
12. Resigned Landed Cost Computation: Calculating the true cost of goods, including purchase price, freight, insurance, and other costs.
13. Send GSTR1 Reconcile R2 at Single Click: Simplifying the process of tax filing and reconciliation with streamlined operations.
14. Multi-dimensional Financial Reporting: Creating comprehensive financial reports that offer insights across various business dimensions.
15. Closing Operations: Procedures and best practices for closing the books at the end of accounting periods.

The visit to the Odoo India office was not only educational but also a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with the community. Engaging with like-minded professionals and catching up with former colleagues added a personal touch to the professional enrichment gained from the event. This blend of learning, networking, and camaraderie made the Odoo v17 accounting training a memorable and valuable experience.

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