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What’s new in Odoo v17 Inventory App?

1. Autobatch: Batches ready stage operations only.
2. FIFO Costs: Average price sets FIFO product costs.
3. Flexible Reservation: Edit, reserve specific quants.
4. Forecast Report: Affects reserved quantity for selected products.
5. Incoterms: Includes incoterm, location on delivery slip.
6. Lot/Serial Properties: Displays on quants.
7. Lots Expiry: Allows expiration dates, quantity mass entry.
8. MTO/MTS: Reserves available stock during MTO interruption.
9. New Removal Strategy: "Least Packages" avoids dual reservation.
10. Operations Menu: Revamped for easier operation finding.
11. Packaging Display: Shown on orders, transfer documents.
12. Print at Operation: Automatic report printing, transfer validation.
13. Product Quantity Update: Quick update from form.
14. Real-time Inventory Valuation: Pre-configurable accounts, new production cost account.
15. Reception Report Barcodes: Includes barcode for workflow steps.
16. Replenishment Improvements: Filter by vendor, select products.
17. Reserve/Unreserve Button: Supports multistep routes.
18. Revamp Pickings: Starts in ready state, allows planning.
19. Shipping-Based Routing: Specify shipping method in routes.
20 Stock Aging Report: Monitors quantity, time in inventory.

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