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What's new in Odoo v17 Accounting?
  1. Accounting Reports: Drag and drop to reconfigure reports; easily highlight hierarchy with indents.
  2. Invoice Discount Allocation: Post discounts separately; sales lines unchanged, discounts moved to specific accounts.
  3. Assets Usability: Bulk asset posting now available; asset status import discontinued.
  4. Auto Extract PDFs: 'Create invoice on email' feature prioritizes PDF attachments for journals.
  5. Auto-reconcile Feature: New wizard introduced for easier auto-reconciliation.
  6. Avalara Geolocalization and Sales Tax: Avalara address validation now includes geolocalization for sales tax computation.
  7. AvaTax Use: AvaTax calculations use warehouse address for accurate sales tax.
  8. Bank Reconciliation Layout: New widget layout; features edit, delete, and print options.
  9. Bank Statement PDF Report: Enhanced, cleaner PDF report layout for bank statements.
  10. Bills AI: Automatic tax and account prediction on vendor bills; product prediction optional.
  11. Branches Management: Manage multiple business units with multi-company hierarchies.
  12. Credit and Debit Note Buttons: Simplified invoice action buttons; debit notes moved to action menu.
  13. Cross Analytic: Analytic cross-reporting enabled through multiple analytic plan inputs.
  14. Credit Limit Improvement: Credit limit warnings now include confirmed, uninvoiced orders in receivables.
  15. Deferred Expense/Revenue Report: Audit capability for theoretical computations; highlights manual entry needs.
  16. Deferred Management: Separate management for deferred entries; no advance model setup needed.
  17. Delivery Date: Standard field on invoices.
  18. Down Payment and POS: Consistent tax and account breakdown for down payments across PoS and Sales App.
  19. Down Payments Tax Breakdown: Respects original sale order tax breakdown on down payment invoices.
  20. Early Discount: Enhanced display for early payment discount due dates and installments.
  21. EDI Format: Added EDI and Peppol fields to customer list view.
  22. Expense Receipts in Journal Entry Attachments: Receipts attached to entries; included in Datev export.
  23. Express VAT in Local Currency: Tax on foreign currency invoices shown in local currency for EU compliance.
  24. Filter Blank Lines: Option to exclude zero-amount lines from fiscal reports.
  25. Fleet Impact Without Bill: Fleet operations now specify vehicles in manual bank operations.
  26. Follow-up Reports Missing Contact Info: Contacts with missing info isolated during mass follow-up processing.
  27. Improved Tax Calculation Settings: Merged subtotal display and rounding method settings.
  28. Improved Printed Reports: Enhanced print quality for accounting reports.
  29. Inter-company Transactions: Invoice PDFs attached to counterpart company's vendor bills.
  30. Invoice Date Visibility: Invoice date added to journal items, entries, and reports.
  31. Invoice Layout Overhaul: Clearer layout with total amount in letters for legal compliance.
  32. Invoice Upload Harmonization: Unified invoice uploads; Factur-X data determines move type.
  33. Manual Matching Partner Creation: Prefilled partner name and VAT in manual matching.
  34. Manual Reconciliation: Removed manual reconciliation widget; silent reconciliation unless write-off needed.
  35. Mass Document Download: 'Send and print' option for bulk document downloads; zip file for single invoices.
  36. Mass 'Send and Print' Invoice Banners: Banners inform users of ongoing mass 'send and print' jobs.
  37. Matching Numbers Rework: Color-coded matching numbers in Journal Items; unique identification for partial matches.
  38. Miscellaneous Operations on Bank Journals: Highlighted miscellaneous operations in Accounting Dashboard.
  39. OCR Usability Improvements: Faster automatic digitization; enhanced error messages.
  40. OCR for Credit Notes and Refunds: OCR automatically detects and processes credit notes and refunds.
  41. Payment Scamming Protection: Vendor bank accounts must be marked trusted before making payments.
  42. PEPPOL Onboarding: Simplified PEPPOL network registration for invoice and bill exchange.
  43. Ponto Onboarding: Enhanced onboarding experience for Ponto.
  44. Report Loading Speed: New prefix group mechanism for faster report loading on large databases.
  45. Report Sections: Grouped reports in the user interface and exports.
  46. Reports Rebirth: Improved interface design and technical overhaul of accounting reports.
  47. Revamped Send and Print Wizard: Document selection and approval requests streamlined in wizard; customer-specific electronic invoicing settings.
  48. SAF-T Blocking Errors: Warnings displayed on ledger instead of at export button.
  49. SEPA Direct Debit (pain.008.001.08): Support added for pain.008.001.08 SEPA Direct Debit format.
  50. SEPA Non-Latin Characters: Expanded SEPA character mapping for all European languages.
  51. Tax Taxonomy: Tax codes in names for easy search; longer descriptions in new Tax Description field.
  52. Taxes: Modification Restrictions and Logging: Restrictions and tracking on certain Tax model fields.
  53. UBL/CII Payment Terms Handling: Enhanced UBL import with cash discount and fixed tax features.
  54. User Portal for Invoices: All invoice formats available for download from the portal.
  55. User-Friendly Bank Synchronization: Simplified synchronization; dashboard buttons and email alerts.
  56. Vendor Bills Import and PO Matching: Partial PO line matching and autocomplete for imported vendor bills.
  57. VIES Check: VIES check results displayed on partner; override option and eCommerce restrictions.

Planning for the Upgrade: Timelines, Resources, and Potential Downtime