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Library Management System
Manage your library operations through the digital solution.

Main Features

  * Customer Information 

  * Library Card 

  * Product Details 

  * Product Request 

Customer Information

◉ Here, you can see the customer form. And the customer can buy the membership. And the customer can see their own membership details.

Library Card

◉ Here, you can see the library card. Also, the Librarian can create a card for the customer. And Customers can see the history of product category wise.

Product Details

◉ Here, you can see more and better products like-Book, Journals, Magazines, and Newspapers.

Product Request

◉ Here, you can see the product request form. And this functionality helps to send the request for a particular product to the manager.


◉ The penalty is calculated on the product if it is returned late than the due date and when the book is lost. And you can generate a customer penalty report.

Demonstration of the Library Management System in Odoo:


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