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Jewellery Management System
Manage your Jewellery Business operations from the single all in one application.


Jewellery Items
Booking orders
Invoice and Vendor bill
Employee details
Users can see the jewellery item details on the website and then buy the Jewellery items.

  • Jewellery management details

  • Configuration: To configure the jewelry details, diamond details, and metal details.

  • Employee: To add and update the employee's data

  • Employee detail form view.

  • Booking: Jewellery Item - To add and update the different jewelry items.

  • Jewellery item details.

  • Product sales description. 

  • Booking Order: This is a booking order form view.

  • Invoice: This is an invoice form view.

Website Interface

  • Jewellery menu and items for the shop.

  • Jewellery items details on the website

  • Customer My Account Menu for personal details

Demonstration of the Jewellery Management System in Odoo:


Rental Management Website
Website for Rental Management Business to manage Rental Operations of any kinds of services or products.