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We published the book on Odoo Upgrade

"No, we don't want to upgrade our Odoo"
"We don't see any issues; why should we upgrade?"
"Our last Odoo upgrade was a horrific experience; we don't want to do it now."
"Odoo upgrade takes lots of time, and we have worries about downtime."

Is any one of the above thoughts going on in your mind?

These are some everyday worries we heard while we spoke regarding the Odoo upgrade with the people using Odoo. And from that's where the motivation comes to share the knowledge we have on Odoo Upgrade.

We at Ascetic Business Solution have been working on many Odoo upgrade projects to help our clients and people around the globe to get them to benefit from the latest version of Odoo.

 This book contains collective experience of best practices to follow while upgrading Odoo.

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