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Latest news from Odoo R&D

Here are some of the exciting news from Odoo R&D about the new things in Odoo v16

Odoo Knowledge!

A new transversal app to centralize knowledge in wiki-style pages.
- Dedicated app icon
- Accessible via the chatter, via the CTRL+K menu, and via /command
- Access rights: private, share internally, publish online, read/write
- and more...


Generate leads or route your visitors to the right resources (support tickets, links, information) via question trees.

CentralizeCentralized Coupons

You can now easily manage your coupons, promotions, gift cards, and loyalty programs in the same place and use them seamlessly across all sales flows: inside sales, e-commerce, and point-of-sale.

Sales Orders and Subscriptions

We just merged Sales Orders and Subscriptions. You can now do recurring shipments, have different frequencies or invoice dates per order line, and more.

Credit - Fabrice Henrion - Director Americas at Odoo

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