Customer Relationship Management

How ASCETIC has designed the solution to increasing sales by nurturing leads?

Our client is a three-year-old startup and looking for changing their existing website that should also be integrated with a better CRM tool.

They have been using Odoo for two years at the time when they contacted ASCETIC to help them using Odoo in a more powerful way in the context of Sales and CRM.

The client is an eCommerce startup and expanding its business worldwide focusing specifically on the European Union and the United States.

Client’s Challenges

The startup has a lot of expectations from their Odoo website to get more leads from there.

The client has expected to have SEO optimized, more Odoo building blocks, and snippets to improve the website by themself in the future.

They want immediate notification whenever someone contacts them from the website.

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Our Solution

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ASCETIC has established a quick communication channel from the website. This helps prospects to contact business development manager through a standard message box and by WhatsApp as well.

Quick notification to their WhatsApp and email to know who has contacted them.

We have designed a customized dashboard to see the conversion result and sales generated for each of those channels.  

ASCETIC as setup product, services, and various pages to present the solution delivery ability to the potential clients.


The lead will be increased by 150% over the next five months.

The conversion rate will be increased by double because of their quick response to the new prospects.

The Client has asked us to implement extended sales and inventory management in Odoo.

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"I feel privileged to recommend the services of the Ascetic Business Solution LLP firm as an Odoo customizer. We have been working with them for the last five years, and they have always done everything with high quality and detail, they are keen to meet all the expectations. His responsiveness to urgent matters makes them unique, always makes your requirements on time."

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