Odoo for the Stone Trading Industry

Stone Trading companies have their unique need to and problems to address regarding the inventory management solution.

We are glad to share this solution to show how Odoo can be used for Stone Trading companies.

Each of the Stones may have different sizes while it will be purchased and bundled together to store and sell based on customer’s needs.

While purchasing the Stone in different sizes, we have introduced the functionality to derive the size of the stone at the time of when it will enter into the inventory.

Different kinds of stones can be managed with Odoo by deriving proper Products and its variants.

The Size of the stone can be summed up on the Lot and Serial number level and propagated to the Product variant and Product level.

The package of stone can be visible with images and total Square feet.

At the time of selling the stone, we can select whether the entire package is required to sell or each of the unit slabs will be sold.

On the sales order, the user can add more than one Packages and related slabs very quickly by just selecting the packages.


We can decide if the Package must be sold directly without breaking it. That means any particular Package can not be broken in order to sell each of the slabs separately. The package can be configured for this purpose.

The sales order can show the total Square feet on each of the slabs and the total square feet of that order.

We have placed all the necessary information to know about the size of slabs, package, and order at all the places for better convenience and stock traceability.

Here is the video to see how this solution works. 



Feel free to contact us at contact@asceticbs.com if you have any questions or needs regarding Odoo implementations for the Stone industry.