Farm Management Application for manage Live Stock


Odoo CMS - a big picture

One of the Farm Management company contacted us for their Odoo implementation. They are based in Latin America.

After having many conversions, we have defined the proposed solution for solved their expected requirement. We have provided the Odoo Custom Solution for managing their farm and its operation.

Client’s Challenges

They are managing all their operations like animal data, purchase, various animal operations, sales, human resources, accounting, stock of the animals manually through paperwork and sheets.

Our Solution

There are different types of operation we have considered for maintaining the Animals, Farm Stock, Human Resource, Purchase, Sales, Accounting other processes that need to follow on the daily management of Farm.

For managing the animals and it's livestock below a list of process considered:

  • Animal Data Configuration
  • Animal Locations
  • Feed Event
  • Medication Event
  • Semen Event
  • Insemination Process based on the workflow (Insemination, Diagnosis, Farrowing, Foster, Weaning, Abort)
  • Animal Stock Management

There is also the functionality to manage different locations of farms. So, the different location-wise animals and other farm activities can be managed easily.

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