Dealer Management In Odoo

The product is to manage the dealer and its services and its related management.

Dealer Management In Odoo

Main Feature of the Product is to manage the dealer and its services and its related management at one place. This product will help to manage the different level of the dealership with its hierarchy.

Set the Dealers

◉ Only the company have access to set the mega dealers' target amount and the only mega dealer can set the sub-dealers target amount.

Registration Request

◉ The company has access to approve or reject the registration request.

Check Product Availability

◉ Mega Dealer is creating a purchase request to check the availability of the product in the company warehouse.
◉ If the product stock is available then the mega-dealer can submit the purchase request.

Purchase Requests

◉ Here the company decides the request is approved or not.
◉ When the company approves the request then the company can create the sale order.

Mega Dealer Orders

◉ Here mega dealer can see his/her own sale orders which are created by the company.

Mega Dealer Invoices

◉ Here mega dealer can see his/her own sale order's invoices.

Sub Dealer Purchase Request

◉ For the mega-dealer, this menu displays the purchase requests which is from his/her own sub-dealers.
◉ Megadealer has rights to approve, reject, create sale order of that sub dealer's purchase request.

Sub Dealer Records

◉ Also, mega-dealer can see those sale orders and invoices which were created by him/her for the sub-dealer.

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