Collapse and expand menus in Odoo

You can decide which menu should Collapsible and expandable in Odoo

How would it be if you are able to Collapse and expand menus in Odoo? 

One of our customers sees lots of menus and their submenu in Odoo.  They believe in our expertise and ask us if we can help to make the menus Collapsible and expandable in Odoo.

This is a challenge we have accepted and we have designed the solution by making the menu configurable in such a way that it could be expandable and Collapsible.

The best thing about this feature is that we can configure any menus to make it collapse by default and expand it whenever needed.

Without any configuration, you can see all menus expanded by default as like how Odoo standard version provides.

Having Collapse and expand menus in Odoo, we can hide submenus so that the user can intuitively focus on what matters most for them.

We would be glad to share the demonstration video of this solution.


We have prepared this module for Odoo v12 and Odoo v13 as well.

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