Celebrating our contribution of 200 apps on Odoo App store

Ascetic Business Solution is very active to share new ideas and execute it by developing the new Odoo App

Our team has made a massive contribution to evaluating ideas, designing the new app, and making it available for the community to use

There are more than 200 apps of Odoo developed and published by Ascetic Business SOlution till today

Most of the apps we are free to share the benefit of our knowledge.

Here is the link to see all the Odoo apps developed by our team


These Odoo apps cover most of the Odoo standard functionality's extensions in order to add value on top of Odoo’s standard features

Some examples are as below:

1. Product Warehouse Quantity

2. Sales Margin Percentage

3. Invoice Outstanding Report 

4. Employee Working Hours

5. Employee Tasks

Also, we have designed many vertical-specific solutions which is industry-specific

Here are some examples:

1. Law Management

2. Property Management

3. Construction Management

4. Hospital Management

5. Sports Club Management

Celebrating our milestone of 200 apps, we are providing special discounts on our consulting and development charges in the Month of June and July 2021.

Feel free to contact us at contact@asceticbs.com if you have any questions or needs regarding Odoo implementations.