Auto Service

Auto Service Management


  • Car Diagnosis

  • Car Service

  • Work Order

  • Sales Order

  • Invoice

  • Different stage wise car service process


  • The Service Manager and the Owner can create the Service Order. Where you can enter Car Information, Customer Information, Receipt Date, the priority of the service order and assign the technician for Car diagnosis. The Service Manager and Owner have the authority to assign the Mechanic for the particular car.

  • When the Mechanic is assigned, that Mechanic was added on ‘Car Information’ and that same time the Car Diagnosis will be generated. Only assigned technician of that car is able to access that car diagnosis.

  • The Technician has the authority to write the diagnosis result. The role of the Technician is to check the vehicle and list out the required spare parts for the car service. If the Technician didn't add any spare parts and go for creating the work order then, it will display the warning. Only the technician can create the work order.

  • Work order shows Customer Information, Car Information. Also, display the difference between starting time and finish time in "Actual Repairing Date".

  • The Mechanic has access to start, pending, resume and finish button to note the working time. If work order in ‘finished’ state, total worked hour display in "Worked hours", Service charge applied when the worked hour is more than one hour. Only assigned mechanic for work order can access the work order.

  • The Service Manager can create the Sales Order and Invoice for the completed Work Orders.

Below listed reports are available for this system:

  • Service Order

  • Car Diagnosis

  • Work Orders

Different level of users:

  • Service Manager

  • Technician

  • Mechanic

  • Owner

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Demonstration of the Auto Service functionality: