Accounting and Finance

How ASCETIC has added value in the Accounting and Finance firm to increase overall efficiency?

Our client is a reputed Accounting & Finance company that provides professional services including consulting, auditing, and federal compliances to their clients.

They have 34 years of experience which helps their clients to comply with the law while doing business.

Key Problems

Our client can not send bills on time for collecting payments. Cash flow was not balanced with operating costs.

Physical documents are the main assets to be taken care of properly. They were struggling with that.

Employee record management was hard after expanding to 100+ full-time employees.

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The Solutions

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ASCETIC has provided extensive automation for Invoicing functionality for on-time bill creation and send for payment.

We have explored the accounting and finance modules of Odoo with customization according to their specific business need.

Implemented Human resource functionalities of Odoo to manage 100+ employee records and related processes smoothly.

We have digitized all physical records using the document management system.

The Impact

Caseflow increased to 30% over the period of two quarters.

Store documents safely with easy, quick access.

Employee data are now online and predictable analysis of available for human resources and its cost is very clear.

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